First Arduino workshop

We had our first Arduino workshop today (, with some basic coding and electronics – light sensors, LEDs and interactive codes.

2015-10-30 13.12.51


Making of Things – next/last big project

We have been given our next/final project for the ‘Making of Things’ platform that’s running for the next two weeks.

So using my chosen tool – the Zippo.. I need to create a STOOL to sit on using only ONE material (and only my zippo to manipulate it into my required stool shape.)

That means no cutting, no gluing, no nails etc..

I’ve worked out I have three main options, which are: either to burn a large piece of material down into a shape, heat a material so I can manipulate it, or melt/drip a material to create a form.

Watch this space!

‘Making of Things’ First Assignment

We have been asked to ‘Choose a TOOL that can manipulate material’

I’ve chosen my Zippo lighter.

We then had to experiment in using our tool on different materials.. So.. I burnt lots of stuff. I don’t think I really need to post that.

But we were then asked to change the CONTEXT of our tool and take photos.

I named this one PRECIOUS.




And this is WARMTH=LIFE.