Community assignment finished

The password for the video is: swopt

Swopt is a platform for sharing, connecting people in the surrounding areas of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, neighbours swap objects and services they want, for objects and services they need.

As a platform, it could be in the form of an app, a website, or could be in a more physical form, such as a board system in a community centre.

Swopt is local, to create and connect neighbours in a city where you don’t normally know your neighbours.

Swopt utilises trade, to remove money from the situation. This helps people in the community to find value in services, items and space, that they may not have seen as valuable before. Yet, when you add the context of someone else needs, something as simple as a nice home cooked meal, or the use of a back garden has the potential to be valuable.

Community members set up a profile with their location, items they have to trade, services they can provide, space they may have to use or tools they have to lend. They have the opportunity to negotiate the value of items or services through profiles, then decide on a time and a place to meet. For new connections a chaperone would join the swap to mediate the trade and ensure both traders feel secure in the swap, once traders are familiar with each other they do not require a chaperone. New members can view the data map showing all the trades and connections made to inspire new trades that are perhaps less obvious so that it is inclusive of the whole community. An option for extension at this point may be a physical community space created for these swaps, or simply an opportunity to get more people to meet up at the cafes and local spaces with the use of a physical platform for profiles.


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