Where does Anglepoise come into the design?

Not only is the movement of the sun collector inspired by the three-point movement system of the Anglepoise lamp, but it is the design opportunity for what is attached to the system on the inside of the house which will be of interest to the future of Anglepoise.

With the collector on the sunlight end, the other end of the optic fibre has so many possibilities. It’s sunlight as a utility, rather than sunlight as just overhead lighting.

The main concept that would interest Anglepoise is to have a ‘Sun Plug’ system where the connected optic fibre is just a simple circle or shape in your floor, in your wall or even in your desk, then any lighting design that is made of optic fibres just needs to be slotted or even placed on top of it. Any light that hits the base of the optic fibre will travel up to the end of the light.

These are some examples of the floor concept, with lights made with optic fibre. The base is the floor ‘Sun Plug’ circle (which will be connected to the sun collector) with a metal ring around it. The lamps are made completely of optic fibres and have a magnet ring the same size as the sun plug. So it will just attach on, and light up.

tiny lamp slide


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