New Design of Sun Collector

The ‘Retrofitting’ system for a house – which will most likely go in (or be stuck to) a window and then the optic fibre will run along the bottom of the wall, or easily under the carpet; I’ve realised that a parabolic mirror won’t work..

The mirror collector would be fine for a roof, but for a windowsill, it will be a non-transparent object that will ironically collect light, but also block it, even if it’s small. Also, who wants a mirror facing out of your window.

So I’ve decided that it needs to alter it’s shape to react to sunlight, and then ‘close’ at night, to utilise space. It also needs to be clear, so it doesn’t stop any light from coming into the room.

I have also found a new way to focus the sunlight.
Similarly to when you used to focus the sunlight with a magnifying glass to fry ants.. The middle hole (see below) will contain a bi-convex lens, which is a lens that is curved on both sides, that will focus the light onto the optic fibre that will be positioned behind it. But unlike when frying ants, if you position the lens the right distance away from focal point, the optic fibre in this case, you can strip the ultra-violet and infrared rays out of the sunlight, because they are on each outer side of the colour spectrum. Put simply, you won’t get sunburnt in your house, and it’s not going to burn down.
I’ll upload a diagram I’ve made in my next post.

The design will be transparent acrylic, and made of three rings that are held together with pins on the X-axis and then again on the Y-axis.


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