Sunlight as a utility in the home

While researching bringing more sunlight into homes, I have discovered that there are a few people working on this, which is great, some even looking into optic fibre as well. They’re not pretty, but they seem to work quite well.

Although with our rate of data transferring needs, optic cabling is only going to get better in quality and maybe even start to be installed in homes anyway. Which are two good points as to why this is a good design for the near future of lighting.

How I see my design being slightly different to these other current designs is, I want to create more of a sunlight ‘plug’.
Right now there are systems that exist that have some kind sunlight collector on the roof of a building, it focuses the light onto the optic fibre, mirror or other form of collector, and it then sends the light to all of the overhead lighting in the building. It then has a backup LED system for when its overcast or at night.

What I want to do is bring the sunlight into the hands of a consumer.
Like a lamp, instead of overhead lighting. It’s a plug type system that is connected through optic fibre to a collector, which just comes on when there is sunlight. Anything made of optic fibre that comes in contact with it, will light up on the end. The benefit of you controlling it, is that it could then be used for other things, like growing herbs inside. Photosynthesis is still able to happen through optic fibre.



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