The Sunpoise

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The Sunpoise is sunlight as a utility.

Sunpoise is a system that captures and focuses sunlight onto optic fibre that can then be extended to areas that need it throughout a home or office.

In a new build, the sun collectors are installed on the roof and automated to follow the sun with small light sensors and GPS; the optic fibre cabling is then run through the walls alongside other cables. These can then have multiple options for outputs throughout a home or office, such as lamps, overhead lighting and plants.

In a retrofitting system, the sun collector is placed on a windowsill and is positioned toward the sun, with the optic fibres easily running underneath carpet or along edging.

The sun collector, inspired by the three-point movement system of the Anglepoise lamp, is made up of a bi-convex lens that focuses the sunlight onto the optic fibres that are behind it. The way the lens is focused creates an optimum range of light through the optic fibre, stripping away the damaging ultra-violet and infrared light, but plants are still able to photosynthesise with it. The optic fibre then runs out of the back, containing the sunlight, and is extended throughout the house to be used where you need it.


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