the Work in Progress show

We’re half way through the year, so RCA has a ‘Work in Progress’ show, mostly for the second years to show what they’re working on and discuss it with people in the industry that come along, and also members of the public. It is also a kind of a warm up for the final year show that is MASSIVE.

First years get to show three of our small projects. Due to space constraints; we all get to show a poster for the Olympic Park group project (the video about the app I did), 36 people (out of 55) are showing their stool (we signed up for this), and 20 are showing our Anglepoise project lamps (these were selected by the tutors).
I’m presenting all 3! Yay!

I’m also the main rep for the lamp project set up, so I co-ordinated the layout of our bit of the show.

2016-01-25 19.16.42

You can see our Olympic Park project posters on the wall to the far right, the stool project to the right, the lamps are to the left, and the bigger tables in the middle and behind is the second years projects.

We are also having an opening private view night, tomorrow night, where we get to invite people and drink and talk about our work. Like having work in a real gallery!

I’m excited. Can you tell.


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