Platform 24 – Object Mediated Interactions

Today we received a new brief for our latest 1 week platform trial. Platform 24 – Object Mediated Interactions (OMI)

2016-02-23 13.27.26


Toaster Design

Video: See the interaction here

It’s a toaster you would want to keep on your counter. Through changing the interaction it becomes more of a personal item instead of just another kitchen appliance. Your single piece of toast, lowers as close your toaster with both hands and will keep it warm until you open it up to remove it.

This is just the start of the toaster, more of an exploration of interaction.

I’ve also designed the simple mechanism for lowering the toast (below). The wire supports the bread as it is dropped into the toaster. As the sides are pushed, the wire is forced downward, taking the bread with it. When the toaster is pulled apart, the wire brings the toaster back up to where you can pick it out.

2016-02-16 16.13.06


3rd Platform Intro – Design for Manufacturing

Our latest platform ‘try out’ is for the platform ‘Design for Manufacturing.’

We got in groups of three and we were assigned an appliance to disassemble .

There were irons, electric toothbrushes, electric sanders and toasters.

I got a toaster.

The brief is to improve our appliance.

On one or all of the following:

– Usability
– Performance of Function
– Complexity/Simplicity of Assembly
– Efficiency of Manufacturing

1 week.