Exploring Emerging Futures platform presentation

We got to present our work for the last platform trial project (for Exploring Emerging Futures) at The Machines Room, a very cool ‘maker space’ in East London. It was more of an exhibition type presentation and we all just walked around talking to each other about our work.


New Brief – Exploring Emerging Futures

Everything They’ve Never Made

About // Central to EEF is the notion of ‘being in the thing’ you are exploring. As designers exploration takes many forms; speaking to and working with experts, hands-on research (designing and making as a means of discovery) as well as continuing to expand your field of view by looking for new things while at the same time moving towards a focus point.

For this mini project we have chosen an area for you all to explore together. We are teaming up with Opendesk, a global platform for local making. Currently they are focussing on workspace furniture, using birch plywood as the primary material and a CNC router as a primary tool, however they see this as just the start. For this short project you will be asked to push beyond the products that Opendesk have already made and explore less likely and and maybe more playful applications / objects (sticking with 18mm plywood and using a CNC router)

Purpose // Through this project you will get an introduction to design for digital fabrication (specifically CNC routing) as well as an understanding of open making; how digital fabrication can play a part in transforming how, where and what we make.

Deliverables // By the 17th each of you will produce 3 things: a scale model of your design (made from whatever and however you choose), a test detail cut on the CNC machine at the RCA from spruce plywood and a discovery about the future of something that relates to the type of product / object you are working on.